I love Nintendo, have grown up with them, have a great affinity for their style fo games etc.

So here is a look at some of their recent posts leading up to E3 here in America.

Nintendo Post 1

For this first one, we see they are advertising their line up for the upcoming E3 show. Here you can see the seascape principle of Consistency. They use the same colors throughout. The Red has become synonymous with Nintendo as well and it has a great amount of connection throughout their posts and their twitter site.

Nintendo Post 2-01

Here we see them selling their Nintendo Switch icon and showing that there is a great amount of push to have people bring their Switch as well. You can see they’re red connected here as well. This is a connection to the Value principle. They want people to see great value in their product, if they bring their Switch then they will be able to get a pin there adding value to what they already bought.

Nintendo Post 3-01

And finally, we see another Post promoting their Switch and its many uses as well. This is connected to timeless. They want their product changed into many different things and be used as a multi-use product for ages to come. It is not set for just this time but for many more to come.


I think Nintendo shoots very much for quality in their products and they use many of the Seascape principles for their company to reach people and keep them wanting to come back for more.


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