Nintendo’s E3 for 2018 this last month consisted of a lot of great games coming to the Switch, Most notably though was their announcement of a new Smash Bros game coming to the series. There was a good half hour dedicated to this game being shown off. The way they did it though was very unique to how they usually do it, and it had a lot of little side jabs towards the fans who are dedicated to this game.

First was their use of the Expectation Principle in a fun way:

Smash 1

They presented us with this specific logo. When the game was first teased a few months ago people speculated whether it was going to be a Port of the old Smash Bros game to the new Switch console. Nintendo never gave a specific word on it and now at the start of their presentation, they were showing the OLD LOGO.

That scared a few people and gave a false expectation for the rest of the reveal. Ultimately they revealed it was a completely new game and not a port at all.

Next was the Entertainment Principle. They made a funny jibe at what the players want with this slide. Alon with the one after.

Smash 2Smash 3

They were literally joking around with the hearts of everyone who was pumped for this game. They were pretending that they would simply explain what Smash Bs was..and end in two seconds. By the end of it, they got to share over 20 minutes of the game and all the new and exciting features it provided.

And lastly they used the Zeitgeist Principle to show off some new stuff:

Smsh 4

Thy added a character that not only is part of a large game that they are currently working on releasing but also one that fans had been asking for many many years. This was so timely and perfect that it adds a connection to the new game they are creating as well as a thing that gamers had wanted for a while.

Nintendo did a great job at mixing humor and fun as well as giving all what they wanted to get from this broadcast.


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