There is an entirely invisible world when it comes to the internet. Things that don’t make a lick of importance here in the physical world are of great importance when it comes to online work. I found it super interesting as I studied the things that would make Google recognize and prioritize my website more, they were things I would have never thought about.

The need to make sure certain words were used and links were a certain way can seem very very menial and unimportant but by the end, they are what can drive hundreds of more people to your site. So even though there is a whole side to things that make it super difficult to know, if you find them out you are optimizing your site for a heck of a lot more traffic.


Social Network Worldwide

I found some really interesting things when thinking about how my business is affected worldwide and how ti felt going forward in this way. Social media growing up was fun, it was a place to see great stuff and laugh and be with friends.

But now being in and working, social media has become a backbone and a major piece of most businesses. There is a need to always be connected, always striving to be better and make more content in a better way. This can sometimes be overwhelming and feel like an impossible task for a most business.

Most of the time it is and it leads business to flounder. But as you keep moving and focusing on the most important things in business then you will see that social media is a great tool that if used intelligently can change your business forever.

SEO and Connection

In the world we live in with its increasing power in getting a huge audience to follow you, you may wonder why SEO is a thing. We are already making a business that the whole world can see through the internet! But that is not really the case.

Because guess what, every single person on the internet has thought that. There are millions if not billions of people vying for the attention of every other person on the internet. That is why SEO is important. Essentially SEO is creating signs throughout the internet that point back to your site. If you think of the internet as a series of branching paths leading from one site to another then SEO is the guideposts along the way that help people recognize the path to your site.

Hard to get perfect but worthwhile because every single person who sees those signs could come to your site and you can make money off of them as well. SEO is strong but remember, every other person on the internet is also using signposts.

Speaking With God

After reading through Jeremiah and all the times it says “God Spoke to Jeremiah and said…” it got me thinking about how God communicates with us.

Often times we think of people who proclaim that they speak with God are a little crazy. If someone came up to you in the street and told you that they just finished talking with God you might slowly saunter away. But we, as children of God do it all the time.

When it comes to communication with the all-powerful leader of our universe, we as His children communicate with Him often. We pray to Him every night and every morning, even over our meals but then why when we hear others say it is it strange. I believe it is because God speaks to us individually and personally so that we can understand for ourselves. Rarely does God speak to anyone in the scriptures and want them to blab what he told them to others unless he tells them specifically to speak to others. His words to us are for us only and usually not for others.

Another important thing to remember is that if you aren’t in tune with the spirit and follow what God needs you to do you may be listening to a different spirit. In the Book of Mormon, we see Korihor one of my most favorite stories. Here Korihor goes about strongly disagreeing with all of Gods ways because he claims he spoke to an angel who told him to do so. We must be in tune with God otherwise we can easily be tricked and dissuaded by others who are not looking to lead us down a good path.

As God communicates with all of us we need to listen, be in tune and then obey what He needs us to do. Take the council for yourself and all will work itself out through God’s power.

ROI and Optimizing Ads

The world is full of advertisements and promotions. Lately, I have been watching and laying a lot of near-future kind of games and in the future, let me tell you, ads are EVERYTHING.

In these games and movies, we see ads that cover an almost limitless amount of space. At nearly any point in your vision, an ad appears to try and sell you the coolest new thing or the hottest new commodity. The ads in these are always everywhere, annoying, super personalized, and always feel like they are the bad guy. Over capitalism seems to dehumanize everything and ads are the center.

So taking that look and working on my ads made me feel really different. I saw all of the different pieces of advertising in a different light. I saw them all like something a bit evil, then I decided to determine what I would do to make my ads less annoying, in your face kind of an ad.

I decided to make my ads helpful. I’m’ trying to sell something that people will choose to act upon, not something that people fell pushed into. I hope as I work on making more and more things for my site that I will more fully understand how I can make people wish to go here by using ads that make people want to visit and love their time there.

Relevance and Quality Score

This kind of nitty-gritty work when it comes to ads and working on creating them is not my favorite thing. The side of the business when it comes to numbers, analytics and other things I have a really hard time trying to figure out. But looking at it from the perspective that I have recently has helped me to understand the need for it. Though tedious and often something you could spend far to much time on, looking into all of the words, numbers and such really gave a great perspective to see what would really help to bring more people to my website. I hope as I go on an on in my business life I will decide to look deeper into analytics.

Trusting In God’s Power

At one time in my life the thing that was most important to me, as mundane as it sounds, was computer parts. I was so focused on what was most important to me at that moment that God drifted out of my vision and was replaced by worldly things.

After accomplishing the goal of putting together computer parts and making what was my obsession for months I finally realized the hollowness of my effort and turned back to what I should be focusing on. Now, I am not perfect but I am moving ahead and trying to do those things which bring greater joy to my life than just the fleetingness of all of the work I did.

It is so easy in this life to push aside that which God asks us to do versus what the world gives us easily or for free. It is important for us to see exactly what we need in life and not just what we want. As we trust more in God’s power we can more fully set ourselves up for success. Though the world adds such an easy line to things of the world for us we must remember that true peace and happiness comes only when we follow God’s direction.

After all is said and done we take with us only what God has given us to take, we cannot take anything else other than the Godly gifts, as we remember that we will focus more on spending our time on things that truly matter.

Ad Words – Choosing Your Words Carefully

The Internet is such a strange thing. The use of Meta Data is something that I hadn’t really recognized until I started creating content for youtube and for other social media forms. So when it came to me making a website and creating ads that were to go in it I was happy to know that the same sort of process applied.

Finding out that some words are searched for a lot more than others is an interesting thing. There are also words that are more expensive to use than others because of them being used so much. A strange thing indeed when you think about it but also makes sense because the audience attached to each word is quite large.

So in my attempts, I found out things that I generally search for in the google engine are not what other people do. They generally do that which is totally different and so trying to find that which was most effective to others was a little difficult. It took me some searching outside of my head before I saw what was most effective.

What a time to be alive though and fully see what was the best options to try and share that which you have made.

Advertisement Approaching

The world of marketing a product and trying to get people to buy what you have is quite a changed world. Back in the day, it was a marketplace where people can visually see what you have while walking around, get enticed and come and buy your product.

Nowadays the way that advertising works has changed dramatically and has become one of the greatest and largest industries in the entire world. We have been given tools to make a huge variety of things for anyone around and at the same time, there are more tools than ever placed in front of us to gather data and send ads to the right people.

Another thing is trying to find your audience. The world is a big place and we have the ability to advertise to the whole thing, the one problem is that it is like throwing a dart at a dartboard. You may think that EVERYONE wants your product they need it. But in reality, there is a small group of people out of the world that will actually buy your product. So when it comes down to it there needs to be a target audience that will want your product. Finding them and advertising to them is the hard part.

Once you get your product out to them it is only the beginning. You may think that you are done but in reality, you have to keep the attention of that audience forever. That means new products and new things that will capture them and make them still loyal to them. If you think about it the personas of everyone that you work with are only loyal to you for as long as you have something they need. That can be difficult.

The whole world of advertising can be rather daunting but as we approach it with hope and faith that everything you work towards will be worth it in the end, then you will get ahead in the world.

Becoming Perfect…Eventually

The notion of becoming a perfect being that does everything correctly, that lives a life devoid of error, someone who makes all the right choices seems impossible. The command from Christ though is to become perfect even as Christ is. How in the world is that possible? A God who can create life, worlds, galaxies universies? You want me to become like that? Impossible. Or is it?

In that admonition by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount there is one thing he does not say. The when. He did not say, “Be ye therefore perfect…by next Thursday.” There was not a deadline announced. We don’t need to be perfect now nor by Thursday. But we do need to be perfect eventually. In asking this of us Christ set the bar for where we need to be. He did not say to be like unto Peter because he is pretty good. No, be perfect. Funny enough the word perfect here is translated from another word meaning “complete” or “whole.” That adds some depth to the word complete.

It is most interesting that we view perfect as something without spot when really it means something that is finished, complete or done. When we look at ourselves do we feel like we have done it all? No, probably not. But we feel we may be on the path to do so. We cannot be complete until after this life anyway. We must be resurrected to an immortal frame before completion. So worry not for now about all of the different ways you are imperfect and recall all that in complete already in you.